Teens: 50 things to do during this quarantine

As a teenager, this quarantine is already driving me crazy, and we’re hardly even halfway through the first day. The sleeping in will be nice, sure, but I kind of miss the order and routine, and definitely the seeing people at school part. I’m an ambivert, (1/2 extrovert, 1/2 introvert) and my extroverted senses leave me needing to be with people sometimes. And, sure, I’ll hang out with my best friends, but I’ll miss the kids that I don’t see as much everyday, like the kids that jokingly call me “Baconator” in Spanish class, because, honestly, I look forward to seeing them everyday without realizing it.

And, as teenagers, we all

know that there’s one thing that we don’t tell adults: we don’t actually want to be on our screens in our beds all day, except for maybe some days. But, we also hate it when adults just grab it away from us. Do they not realize that we’ll self regulate on our own if they stop trying to micromanage us?? (My parents figured this out, and I’m grateful). We want to talk to our parents and interact with them, but we ALSO do NOT want to become overly-productive work monkeys.

When I was looking online for things to do, everything said “do community service, clean the house, do the laundry”, but what I hope this quarantine shows parents is that we don’t simply exist to do chores and help around the house. And, sometimes, we use our phones to get away, because really, we just want to have quality time with them, but we feel like we can’t because every time we talk to them it feels as if they want us to do ANOTHER chore or task.

And, no, this is NOT a dig at my own parents. My parents have actually done an amazing job at spending quality time with us and making sure that we still have fun with them, which is why I can see this in others, even when they don’t realize it. So, without further ado, here are somethings to cure boredom during this quaranTEEN, if you will:

**-if you don’t have supplies, then consider using an instacart shopper or skipping this one

1. read books together or alone (e-books, or stock up at your local library before they close if they haven’t yet//but definitely Lysol them down first) Or, even better, read the same book as your parents, and have “family book club” at dinner every night

2. Make “blessing bags” for emergency services, people in prison, the homeless, etc. Consider using an insta cart shopper to get the groceries and having one person that is not susceptible go out to deliver the supplies**


3. Have a movie night at home with family and/or friends (cheaper and safer) (Harry Potter marathon, anyone?)

4. Play board games with family and/or friends

5)Learn to knit from YouTube videos **

6)Learn to crochet from YouTube videos **

7)Learn to sew from YouTube videos **

8)FaceTime/Skype friends

9)If you have dogs, then take them on a walk (but make sure to avoid contact with other humans,dogs, or other animals)

10. Virtual Museum Tours: https://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours

11. Get that project done that you’ve been putting off

12. Redecorate your room

13. Find crafts with supplies that you already have on Pinterest

14. Rearrange the furniture (with permission, of course)

15. Make an indoor blanket fort, some tea, hide under it and read books with a flashlight

16. Doggy scavenger hunt: hide treats/food, and see if your dog can find all of them by sniffing them out

17. Cook a meal with food that you already have

18. Play Charades with family or friends

19. Make slime (with permission)

20. Pop some bubble wrap (assuming you don’t go a lot of places, I’m thinking you’ll be doing a lot of online ordering, so you will likely have a decent amount on hand)

21. Play Wii/Xbox/PS/ Switch games

22. Create a mini city with those legos that I know you probably have from when you were a kid

23. Make paper cranes or learn origami (cranes are a symbol of healing, which is a perfect thing for right now)

24. If you have dye, then practice dyeing Easter eggs (with permission, of course)

25. Make homemade face masks

26.Make homemade bath bombs


27.Make homemade sugar scrubs


28. Have a home spa day with items above

29. Play BINGO with homemade cards and counters


30. Bubble Gum-who can blow the largest bubble?

31. Play 20 Questions

32. Start blogging: about literally anything (yes, I may or may not be doing this to cure my own quarantine boredom)

33. Cut out pictures from old magazines and create a vision board

34. Classic card games (Euchre, B.S., Poker, etc)

35. Write a song, story or poem (I really like this “complete the story” journal from Barnes and Noble…(of course, I’d recommend an online order) https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/complete-the-story-piccadilly/1122517929

36. Learn how to play that instrument that’s been sitting around (do you have a keyboard or a piano that hasn’t been dusted off in a while?) try it out!

37. Grab the adult (or kids—who’s judging? Coloring books, and have it)

38. Make a Tie Blanket: https://www.google.com/shopping/product/1?lsf=seller:3122104,store:6103259735138371896&prds=pid:8480580533572965690,oid:6778409023606925917&q=make+a+tie+blanket&hl=en-us&ei=kzRtXr2YJYLysQXEsJ2ADw&lsft=adlpxid:pla;321096835631;391006215483;m;9014987;placeholder;16905648;pla;local;2001&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&source=TIS-S&lsft=gclid:CjwKCAjwgbLzBRBsEiwAXVIygJuLi-Ep8iFfNMmjOgLFqEISDkhH8seyNJl24sa0syoGGA-0n6KhdBoC6VkQAvD_BwE (again, online orders, please)

39. Make Soap (just don’t eat it—they might look a little like chocolate here)**


40. Make Candles**


41. Hunt a Killer: https://www.huntakiller.com/?utm_source=CJ&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=13664216&utm_content=8739496&cjevent=495c01c3662911ea838901dd0a24060b

42. Offer babysitting, pet sitting, tutoring, etc to your neighbors who are feeling well as long as you aren’t susceptible because don’t forget, kids can be carriers too (I mean, honestly, if you’re healthy, you might as well help someone else out and make a little bank or fill up community service hours through all of this)

43. Practice driving with parents if you don’t have that license yet

44. Pack up some things to donate to goodwill

45. Make tacos**

46. Balloon tennis https://littlebinsforlittlehands.com/balloon-tennis-gross-motor-play-activity/?utm_content=buffere5411&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer

47. Remake pictures from your childhood

48. Blow up helium balloons and suck the helium back in (just listen to your voice—it’s hilarious)

49. Cup pyramid stack race

50. Start a Podcast—because, why not?

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